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Krista Winograd
What is a Minnesotan doing in Texas?

Many of you have met me, but for those who have not my name is Krista Winograd and I am based in Austin Texas working with Aurochs Financial Group clients. Like many people I didn’t exactly know that my career would take me to new geographic places. But it did. The reality is that during our career we will navigate change often. It is how we are able to maneuver through the course that helps define our financial independence throughout.

What I enjoy about my work is that our approach is unique to each client and flexible as your needs and goals shift. We stay in touch with you, not to promote a new stock offering, but to confirm that the plans we worked together to set in place are still aligned with the changes that have come up along the way.

We love talking regularly with our clients and meeting new prospective clients. Contact us today!


What Millennials Will Teach Us All

The largest generation in US history is getting to work and they have a positive view. They also really want to make a difference. Are you raising a Millennial? Are you a Millennial? Even if your nearest Millennial is a neighbor or co-worker how they invest and how they establish their financial position has meaning for all of us. Wonder what it means for you? Contact Us.

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Welcome from Rick Epple

Rick Epple

Aurochs Financial Group works with clients that have established themselves and want to achieve more from their life’s work. Perhaps you are a business owner, or a recent retiree, or you are just entering an advancement period in your career. We provide comprehensive, fee-only, financial planning services that are custom built to your personal goals and needs. I encourage you to learn more about Aurochs Financial Group and our approach.

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